Who is Littlebeanseeds?

Littlebeanseeds (LBS) is a Certified Public Accountant who lives in Hong Kong. She has known herself to be a bookworm ever since she was a primary-school student. While most of the other children were running and jumping in the playground during break time, she would go to the library and stick her face in a book until the bell rang. She loves many different kinds of books ̶ self-help, detective, romance, finance, health ̶ and more.

In her eyes, books are one of the best channels for communicating messages. LBS thinks a writer’s role is like that of a farmer planting seeds. What she wants is for her readers to understand the book’s message and be helped in some way: have their mood changed, be pleased and entertained, or even encouraged to build a better self. The seeding job takes time, and it is better to start the seed earlier than later. That is why she chose to start with writing children’s stories, and also where the pen name “Littlebeanseeds” came from.

Writing is also about stepping out of one’s comfort zone. That is actually much easier to say than to do, especially when no one in your social network is doing the same thing, claiming it’s too difficult. But most of the time, the difficulty comes from yourself more than those around you.

Besides writing, Littlebeanseeds also like to take photos and she shares her work in EyeEm.

You can also contact her at littlebeanseed@gmail.com

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