A Century of Friendship-Prologue

It’s 1996. I am seven years old and I’m sitting next to my Grandpa, whose name is

Johnson, starting one of our frequent Question and Answer sessions.

“Grandpa, who is your best friend?” I ask.

“Hollace. Hollace William,” Grandpa replies.

“I have never seen him come to visit you. Why?” I ask.

“Sweetie, it is not yet the time for him to come. Can you help me go to visit him in 2002?” he says.

“In 2002? Why?” I ask.

“You will know when you meet him. Go to the Blue Lake, bring this

necklace with you, and you will find him there.” Grandpa takes off his necklace, which has a pendant that resembles a rabbit face, and gives it to me.

“How will I know it’s him?” I ask.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, he will know you,” Grandpa replies with a smile.


Since that day onwards, I have worn the rabbit face necklace, but gradually the promise I gave to my grandpa faded away, until one day, my school

organised a summer camp at the Blue Lake … and that was in 2002…