Story Characters

Mark: Shelly's childhood friend, a boy who afraid of darkness, will stammer when he is nervous. A big fan of wooden structure.

Shelly: Mark's childhood friend, a girl who likes adventure, very honest to her own thoughts and act accordingly. She regards herself as the protector of Mark.

Helen: Yasmin's childhood friend, a girl who is caring and seems to be the “leader” among the group of four. A girl who is willing to step forward in front of her friends in case of danger or uncertainty.

Yasmin : Helen's childhood friend, a bookworm. She seems not caring about the world, not proactive in joining any activity, a pure follower and an observer in a group in most of the time. However, in some critical moments, she would support her friends through actions in a silent way.

Johnson: Helen's grandpa, who gave Helen a necklace, i.e. it is where the story start. A good friend of Hollace William

Hollace William: Lived in another dimension for more than a century but with a 13 years old boy outlook. A good friend of Johnson Macland

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