Story Inspiration

One day while tidying up my bookshelf, I came across a short story I had written during my teenage years. It was set as homework for a class of non-native English students, so you can imagine how “easy” it was for me to write.

As I flipped through the pages, grammatical mistakes were everywhere, word usage was inaccurate, and the plot was a bit loose. Reading from paragraph to paragraph, however, I could still remember the effort I put in to finishing the book.

Yes, the teenage years are filled with trial and error. During that period, you may make a lot of mistakes and have ideas flashing through your head that adults call “unrealistic”, “impractical”, or “nothing to do with building a career”. These wild thoughts might hit you every week, or even every second. And I was no exception!

I was not aiming to be a writer, because I did not think I was good at putting my imagination into words. However, flipping through the self-written storybook was like talking to the teenage “me”. So I decided to rewrite the story and dedicate it to the teenage me and let her know that it’s who she was in the past that has formed the person she is in the present.

If you are a dad or mum now, share this book with your children and let them have the courage to make friends and learn how to maintain those friendships.

If you are a teenager right now, I hope this book gives you a chance to think about your relationships with friends.

For those adults reading this, enjoy the story and reminiscing about some of your own wild teenage experiences with your friends.